Visiting Trade-A-Game + GameWorld in Spokane, WA


I was in Spokane recently and thought I’d check out two awesome video game stores while I was there.

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  • Trade A Game is always my go to in Spokane! Game world is cool but it's the Gamestop of retro game stores

  • Game World is awesome. They also have a location in North Spokane, both have great selections. Trade A Game is OK, but they have been very meh with their selection, but they do have great sales and deals.

  • Trade a game! Use to be the best like 8 or 10 years ago! When a black guy use to be the owner. This new owner now is a piece of sh!t. I never get great experience there! I remember stand at the counter waiting for a service to look at game in tbe glass case! There one girl just playing on her phone! N the owner on the phone! Nobody ask me what i need or been help! There trade game deal is rip off too.

    Same with game world. Trade in deal are so bad.. U get money credit for ur game but u can used those money for new game! It will do at 20% more on that new game if u want use it toward new game!

  • So glad you made a visit to the only 2 game stores we pretty much have in spokane lol.i loved trade a game as a kid .the owner started out in a little hole in the wall tiny 1 room house thing by the hi co gas station .id go in there and get me some new snes basketball games back in 94 lol i was 6 yrs old .those were the days. I like browsing ever 6 months or so just for fun.buying experiences of trade a game with the boxes on the wall is great reminds me of a old rental store.right on riggs glad you checked out spokane.

  • Haven't had too much experience with GameWorld besides getting a game Trade a Game didn't have as well as an SD card. Nothing but positive experiences with Trade a Game. Did a great job repairing my 360 at a fair price in only a week.

  • I live in Spokane, Trade A Game has had my business for 10ish years, I refuse to go to Game World. Game World is more business oriented, while the owner of Trade A Game is willing to work with you as long as you dont try to screw him over. He is fair.

  • GameWorld doesn't have the best prices, but I love going into Trade A Game. The prices aren't too bad and you can always do trade ins if the price doesn't meet satisfactory levels. They've got great selections too and very friendly employees.

  • found ya via gameworld's facebook post. If you ever get back this way, Spokane Valley had a gaming bar opening up recently called Geeks N Glory

  • Ugh, our retro stores are dingy, empty holes-in-the-wall dripping with desperation. "Hey man, you need a copy of Madden 97?"

    I swear I saw some guy try to discretely walk out of a tiny dark room with a copy of Earthbound behind a glass wall.

    Here, it's Craigslist or eBay for life.

  • Sweet! Thanks for the heads up – I'm in Spokane every once in a while and didn't know they had any sort of retro scene. Now I've got something else to look forward to!

  • 2:40 Wow. Total nostalgia bomb for those display cases! I can't believe they got a hold of those! I flipped through those alot as a kid.

  • It is cool to see all those N64 boxed games! You know what's not cool, though? Letting them get sun-bleached next to the window. I despise it. Reminds me of Blockbuster from back in the day.

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