Vince Escapes from Prison Bus (Walking Dead 400 Days | Justin & Danny | Telltale Games)

Before the outbreak, Vince was convicted of shooting an unarmed man in Macon in order to protect his brother. He flees the scene, and can either choose to hide the weapon or keep it. Regardless of the choice made Vince is caught and convicted, and taken aboard a bus to serve his sentence in prison… Vince’s story starts a day after the outbreak, a point where most of the world’s population remains ignorant of the outbreak, and the story follows his arrest and his adjustment to the outbreak along with his fellow inmates. He is being transported to a prison in a prison bus, chained to two other prisoners; a rapist named Danny and a white collar criminal named Justin. Danny and Justin pass the time by pulling the connected foot chains to agitate each other and bicker over it. Vince chooses to either let them keep fighting or make them stop. As they settle down and start talking, the question of how Vince ended up in prison is brought up.

The three continue to chat until a verbal dispute between two prisoners, Jerry and Marcus, across from them breaks into a physical altercation. The trio watch in shock as Marcus garrotes his handcuffs around Jerry’s neck to strangle him to death. The two police guards stay behind their gate and Danny wants to help; Justin disagrees. One of the guards, Clyde, takes action and opens the gate to point his gun at Marcus. After asking him to stop several times, Clyde shoots and blows off his head. Vince is shocked, and even Clyde is stunned at his own actions. Danny gets mad at him for not calling someone to help and they begin to get into an argument, which is cut short as Jerry reanimates as a walker and bites Clyde on the neck; killing him.

The walker heads toward Vince, Justin and Danny and they ask the other guard, Bennett, behind the gate for help. Instead, he panics and flees the bus. The three work together to reach down so Vince can grab Clyde’s gun and shoot Jerry. They search for the keys to free themselves, but realize it’s more than likely to be left up front. Danny attracts the attention of another zombie, but it is unable to attack them as the front gate between the back seats and the driver’s seat separates them. Vince can try to shoot off the chain attaching them together, but to no avail. A dilemma is reached when Vince has to decide whether to shoot Justin’s or Danny’s ankle locks so they can get out of the connecting chains. Depending on the choice, Vince will shoot twice at the ankle locks of either Justin or Danny and leave the person to die while he gets off the bus with the other person.

“The Walking Dead” Season 1 by Telltale Games. “400 Days” DLC. #CJakeWalker #ClementineForever #CJakeWalkingDead #WalkingDeadTelltale #TWD #WalkingDead #TheWalkingDead #Telltale #WalkingDeadSeason1. ► Watch more Walking Dead videos:


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