Thick Diabetic Nails and the 1968 Dodge Dart

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Dr Nail Nipper works with a patient’s Thick Diabetic Nails and they have a discussion on the 1968 Dodge Dart.

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  • When you jerked your drill away and it went really fast, I knew exactly what had happened. I work on the feet of the homeless at a clinic here in Atlanta and I got my glove caught last week! My gloves were just a tiny bit big as we were out of my size. LOL

  • For a man he has beautiful feet…For some strange reason I love how you lotion the feet😆😆😆😆😆

  • I wondered what that noise was coming from the drill! You be careful, doctor! Glad it was only your glove! I never know how you prefer to be addressed here.

  • Fun! My husband and I drag race and I love hearing about other people's drag cars. I love building cars. We built so much power we had to put wheelie bars on now. There is a TON to building and racing. We currently have a Fox body Mustang GT built up. We've built several cars over the years. I LOVE hearing about other female racers! I hope I'm still racing at her age. That's amazing

  • True story… I graduated high school in 1986 and bought my very first car with my graduation money. I only had $350 so fixer upper is being kind, I bought a 1968 Ford Falcon and fell in love. The inside was horrible (and mostly missing) but I knew I could work on it as I went. I parked my car on the street outside my grandparents house (I lived there, they raised me), and went inside for the night. I came out the next morning to find my car missing and I lost my mind!! In it's place was a gold with white top 1974 Dodge Dart, at that moment my grandfather came out and proudly announced that he sold my car a bought the Dart in its place, " it's built like a Sherman tank, it's much safer, and ran better", I burst into tears and refused to talk to him for a week, I hated that car, that is until I got used to it😉 that car, named, "The Beast", ended up being one of the best cars I've ever owned, yes, I apologized to my grandpa and put up with his gloating without much complaint.

  • My dad had a 69 Plymouth Fury III (very similar to Dodge Dart) But I don’t think it had THAT many ponies!

  • Ouchy…. Could have sworn those were women's feet, then he spoke. LOL
    Lucky lady with a man that can take care of the car she races and of racing at 70. I admire them.
    Thanks for sharing doc.

  • I love the clippers! Also, I really thought those were women feet! I'm not really into feet, but they are really beautiful for a man!

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