The Stopper Drill, with Dan Winget at the Mike Bender Golf Academy, Be Better golf

Dan Winget from the Mike Bender Golf Academy you can contact Dan in Orlando Florida via

The contraption at the end is called a MEGSA unit.

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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  • You have to love the self-appointed experts on this thread – for the comic relief. All I can say is, these Bender drills all work, and my handicap has steadily dropped all season.

  • Great video. The first drill I will try. My swing has become a little more over the top as of late. I would love to have that swing aid at the end.

  • Brendan is chasing a rabbit down a hole. 99% of Brendan's slight over-the-top move comes from his ingrained wrist rolling inside takeaway. Doing this on his backswing means that his right shoulder rotates externally, then it will rotate internally as he makes his slightly over-the-top downswing. Super common. He needs to change his takeaway and backswing to reverse these shoulder rotation moves. It's a game of opposites- come back below plane and you will likely come back down on top of the plane. When he makes these over-the-top swings, by nature of the vault, his body rotates open quickly, but in the wrong way with no upper body right side bend. He interprets this as spin out and too much rotation, but these moves come from the over-the-top move. He thinks that if he can slow down the rotation- any way he can and his big Holy grail- that he will solve his problem. Sadly, this is not correct. He can rotate as much as he wants without spinning out once he ingrains a new takeaway and gets rid of his over-the-top move. His holy grail is correcting his takeaway by exaggeration drills, and having upper body right side bend on the downswing. This right side bend on the downswing keeps the right shoulder and upper body from making that bad move he's trying to avoid.

  • Wow….not sure about this drill! Having had an over the top swing I fixed it by realising right shoulder rotates internally on the back swing, and externally on the down swing…..problem fixed. This drill could lead to guys having lots of issues with rotation….which is key. Could this be another case of not looking at the cause, and trying to fix the effect?

  • Dear god…. 🤦‍♂️ I really hope nobody listens to this advice unless they genuinely want to get worse. There are WAY better ways of fixing an over the top/out to in path than doing this…. wow.

    Deleting this comment would be a disservice to your subscribers

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