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  • I need a little help please… i want do have custom photos in sims 4 but i only have it on ps4… is there a way around to do it ? Like created with sims studio and then uploaded to the galery and grab it on ps4 without the pc game… cus i got one done in ps4 with celebreties… so it works on ps4

  • ı PUT THE 'DESİRED SC2 on the gimp photo and there was a large part of my sims arm on everywhere and I couldnt make it smaller like in the video to fit it on the photo ugh I hate this

  • Edit! In case anyone else runs into any blurry issues you can size up the frame in waifu2x then it's much better quality 🙂

    Never can seem to get them in good quality 🙁 always blurry

  • Thank you. Just getting back into the Sims from years ago and your video was spot on. Can't wait to start placing my own pictures in my houses. Among other things.

  • This video is a lot more helpful than the ones I've come across so far. Still haven't figured out posing though.

  • Umm hi can you show us how to use gimp?? it is sooooo much more complicated and ive been struggling for about an hour to figure out how it works.

  • I don't know if you can help me with this but when i import my screenshot to photoshop, it has a terrible quality and it doesn't really look right! how can i fix this?

  • I tried this and everything went well till I got into the game. I could see the custom photos before placing them, but then when I placed them in build mode the entire thing was invisible. Could someone help?

  • When I put it in my game it doesn't have my pic its like a corner of a painting or something but when I go to sims 4 studio, its exactly the way I want it… Whats happening?

  • My pictures look fine in S4S, but one I get in the game, the swatch looks all weird a miscolored and when I try to place it it's invisible. What'd I do wrong? 🙁

  • This video was so awesome!! Im a beginner to the sims 4 and o was so confused when i wasnt able to do it in game like the sims 3!! You helped alot Jenn!!

  • i tried this and i did everything right but it’s this weird rainbow picture thing i don’t know what to do

  • Has anyone else had problems downloading the folder? It won't let me open it because appears to be "damaged" 🙁

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