TEDxSalford – Stephen Venables – To The Top: The Story of Everest

Stephen Venables is a mountaineer, writer and broadcaster who prefers the untrodden path — he is the first Briton to have climbed Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen. Nearly all his Himalayan expeditions have been to previously unclimbed peaks. In the case of Everest, others had been there first, so he climbed a new route, without oxygen equipment, and established a new altitude record for surviving a night out in the open. He has published twelve books, taken part in numerous television films and has just returned from his third crossing of South Georgia — on this occasion following other steps — Sir Ernest Shackleton’s. He has a horror of committee meetings, but couldn’t refuse the invitation to be president of the world’s oldest mountaineering association, the Alpine Club, during its recent 150th anniversary.

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  • Wonderful story. Wonder how Steve felt that night alone, dark, & cold on Everest? I guess one second at a time? Cheers!

  • I live in Maine where Ed Webster lived for a time and met him several times. He wrote a wonderful book “Snow in the Kingdom”about this experience and signed it for me. it is a great read, treat yourself to it. He also suffered some very severe frost bite but has a excellent attitude about this demand journey. Talking with him put perspective on your own life.

  • I am 18 and since I gained my consience I have seen my father climbing mountains. My uncles pictures on the summit of Mount Everest. I hope to climb it too. Maybe I will succeed. Else if the Everest wants me to lay in it's lap I will. I will give myself a try .

  • How wonderful to hear mountaineering referred to in such positive terms! So much mountain media focuses on superhuman qualities and extreme danger, and the adjectives tend to wear thin. Of course climbing is fun, and it's delightfully refreshing to listen to someone using a language that we can relate to. I haven't climbed Everest, but as a humble alpinist I do know that climbers are not different to the rest of us, and climbing is a wonderful, enjoyable, sensual and richly rewarding activity. Well done, Stephen. Thank you for speaking my language.

  • One of these days I'm gonna summons the courage over come my fear reach deep DEEP inside and find a way to venture outside my bedroom and go outside.

  • "Dead Geology" hmmmmh not quite bro everything is living and has a consciousness or an awareness….I would've thought if you were climbing that you would've felt that energy.!!…. Let's just say though, it's a pretty epic achievement…!

  • guys a legend but…he tends to accredit his successes to "extreme luck". not only his own, but he attaches it to all successful climbers. if thats what he believes, makes me wonder why anyone would risk death based on extreme luck, not just everyday luck. he has two sons at home while he's lucking into the death zone. i happen to believe that there are serious, dedicated, skillful professional climbers that would beg to differ.

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