We’re in the business of feet. Sore feet specifically or what some people refer to as “BARKING DOGS.”

We are Chiropody Foot Specialists who see people come into our clinics (The Waterloo Foot Clinic and Royal City Foot Clinic) each day with a variety of foot problems and conditions. We hope to educate you on some of those treatments and services and answer any questions you may have.

Want to know about something specific you’re dealing with? Ask us, the dogs, we are here to help and educate!

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  • Doc you handled that gentleman like an angel, thank you , and i ask father God to lay his his merciful hands on his foot and heal him soon. Thanks Doc. God bless you and family.

  • fThis poor man. He's got about 4 different conditions going and all of them contribute to the demise of his foot. What a kind an careful doctor. Thanks doc for taking good care of this patient.

  • i hope you tossed that bit and didn't use it on anyone else. those toes looked infected. using the bit on someone else could be hazardous .

  • Diabetic patients never take their health or life seriously, why is that?

    They can eat less, exercise more and be in better heath so easy

  • Diabetic persons need to adjust there diet. 

    Bad skin and fungus start when the blood flow is going down. But why not open the flow? The we go further back in the chain of command and then we come to physical excersise and then stumac to intestine diseases. 
    A change of diet (no corn, pasta, wheat (also no bread, pancakes) and alcohol oONLY FOR 3 WEEKS helps. A full 3 week diet programs list can be forwarded) with in addition depending the person age etc. vinegar, caprylacid, pau d'arco en probiotica. vit C, Glutamine powder, Multi mineral & multi vitamine, colecalciferol (Vit D), omega 3 and / or floradix (natural iron). The persons with candida get in addition Nystatine but with the strike diet a normal dose of 125 ml after each meal is not necessary but just 3 ml small people up to big people 5 ml. Sensational feelings when this is really the case.

  • Good thing he has someone that comes to him to treat all his wounds and his wife takes care of all his medical care. Can 't imagine how his foot would look like without them. All they see to do is ask him–he has an answer for everything.

  • damn each chop of those pliers sounds like youre wackin fruit off of low hanging branches with a machete in the jungle

  • I know this an older video but I LOVE THIS DOCTOR AND THIS PATIENT!! I have watched Barking Dogs a few times but still not sure if they are in the USA air Canada? I mean it truly about this video being so awesome. I am a retired Nurse ( RN ) and loved my job my job. However I never did a ton of wound care but wish I had done more! I did get to use the Wound Vac when it first came on the scene!! I found it amazing! I have done quite a bit cleaning of wounds and that is what I loved so much as well of what u did on this video!! As a retired Nurse I really started watching Dr Pimple Popper as my G'daughter is an Esthetician and the most beautiful girl in the entire world and she was talking about Dr. Lee. Then I watched her, then went to more like her then to ear wax specialists and then to podiatrists!!! It has been so very interesting!!! Thank God for YouTube!! It brings back so many of the things I tried to do extra for my patients back in the day. They all needed so much extra and I think it is all worse. Now I am Diabetic myself and still in fairly good shape as far as my feet go but it so helps to watch these! I just want you to know how impressed I was with the scraping you did on this patient's Great Toe and next two toes where he dropped his prosthetic on his good foot. I am hoping it heals/healed well. I wanted to point out how well you used the blade AND the Dremel on that skin that was so hard, dry and dead on the second and third toes. It is in my humble opinion that the Dremel is far underused for that purpose! You brought that calloused tissue down much more effectively than using the blade alone! Well I think this is enough from me now! So enjoyed u!! I will be watching out for u! Much respect- Cyndie

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