Survival Game Mechanic Other Games DONT HAVE! | Empyrion Galactic Survival | Alpha 10 Gameplay | E06

Welcome back to Empyrion Galactic Survival. Today in Empyrion Galactic Survival I show you a game mechanic this game has other survival games don’t and it’s awesome
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Empyrion features space & planetary exploration, building & construction, mining & resource gathering, survival, crafting, as well as space & land combats. Using the Unity 3D engine, Empyrion uniquely combines elements from space simulations, construction games, survival games and ego-shooters. The game is currently under development by Eleon Game Studios.
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Empyrion Galactic Survival is developed by Eleon Game Studios, who were kind enough to share a pre-alpha download with me.
What’s up guys and gals, I’m Kage848. I love to make videos for Youtube, mostly early access survival games like 7 Days to Die, Empyrion, Raft, Mist Survival, The Forest, and more! I also dabble in City Builders and strategy games like Civilization 5, Civilization 6, Dawn of Man, Stonehearth, Factorio and Rim World. I do at least two videos everyday of mainly tutorials, let’s plays and general gameplay footage. Thanks for watching my videos.
This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.
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  • this is a good starter ship, cheap enough

  • You do know the rock dose not make you base airtight right ? Airtight comes in handy against radiation storms Also I've been told if you make your base Public instead of Private the Drones don't attack you

  • It's a whole lot more fun watching you play, than when I do, lol. Why not put auto-turret on your vehicle to deal with Spiders?

  • When it blew up you could of picked up the debris and pick up a whole bunch of ingots at least that's what's i got when it blew up for me.

  • Saying hi from Malaysia. been watching kage from egs alpha 1 and other games like 7dtd and eden star. love it and very informative on the gameplay. bought egs 2 weeks ago and love it.

  • Robinson Protocol changed in Alpha 9. Now it's just a basic tutorial. What used to be RP is now the "Human Remains" mission, though it comes after the Talon Chapter 1 mission chronologically.

    Also, base attacks will up in intensity as they continue to fail. The turrets you have are enough to start, but you'll want to upgrade over time.

  • putting the anti personnel turrets on the inside isn't accomplishing anything, as soon as the Zirax get within a certain distance of the core they will attempt to use the hacking tool, you really wanna kill them BEFORE they get to your base
    I built my base inside a mountain as well and the zirax just landing on top of the mountain and hacked my core down through the top of the mountain more than 50 blocks worth away

  • When you can and if you will, show how to connect cargo boxes and such? I ahve way to much stuff in my storage and have to get them from one box to put them in with the input box. If you know what I mean lol.

  • Not to by noisy about your personal life, but you have 250k subs. How are you not a full time Youtuber/Streamer, I watch your videos at work and they rock my man.

  • I beat the Zirax with two turrets. The sniper rifle is great. The hover vessels appear to be bugged though. If you use anything other than the green repulsers the vessel just keeps flipping over.

  • You can take out the drone bases, and you'll never get a base attack again. I know you enjoy base defense, but if other people want to have their peace, or if you grow out of it, it's possible. 😉

  • Actually, base attacks won't happen while you're away from the base (sorta like chunk-loading in Minecraft…you aren't there, it ain't happening).
    P.S. — About those all those Sentry Guns you placed inside the base… if the Zs get inside, yer boned. The whole point of a base defense is to kill them BEFORE they breach your front door! IMO, rethink your weapons placement.

  • Your going hate yourself when u re watch u was friendly till u destroyed that wood fence (u was friendly before the last mission lol) as i said before READ kage READ :P, i kinda did the same by looting that white container u stopped urself looting lol, u loose so much rep when u do wrong lol

  • For the first base attack I had 2 turrets outside and a 1 of them standing 3 legged ones and I survived easily using me SV as well so yeah.

  • Dude,why is he running away? Going out on a limb I would say the guy chasing him with a 12 gauge comes to mind… really cant recommend any ship Kage as the last 2 I'v used have both been shot to shit by a green plasma weapon at a drone base.Of course I was about 200 feet in the air when I lost said ships… gotta look for something with more armor and some rail-guns on the workshop.Or mebbe a hover-tank,or nuclear weapon.Another good video brother.I like them so much I would watch one every day.Cheers.

  • Hey, Kage: I use the same SV that you have right now, in the beginning of the game. I just add 2 "lift" thrusters. After that it works great. The small thrusters are pretty cheap to make. Good vids.

  • LMAO that Talon Mission you did always blows up at the prison. When you click the switch it arms it, then when you close the message it blows up in about 10secs. Your base defense is good.

  • Great vid Kage! I just started playing this again and loving all the changes. Didnt know about quests until your video! By the way, 14:06 you had been friendly with them but you looked at the wrong faction 🙁 All good you probably would have left the quest and started mining their goods!

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