Super Bowl 51 FULL GAME: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

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  • Bruh, 32 on the Falcons really could be argued as a top 3 reason why the Falcons lost. James White and Amendola scored on his ass. Plus also had Danny score the game tying 2 point attempt on him.

  • Well, the Patriots dynasty isn't completely dead yet (surprise last-minute acquisition Cam Newton just might take them to the playoffs in 2020, though it may be a wild-card spot/one-and-done) but looks like their priest may be giving last rites, with Brady gone. Everyone in America outside of the Boston area will be celebrating if they go 4-12 and miss out completely, though admittedly, win or lose, most Super Bowls involving the Tom Brady-led Patriots have been all-time classic, down-to-the-wire, dramatic, unbelievably close games (XLII, XLIX, LI, LII).

    As for the Falcons, Matt Ryan and Coach Dan Quinn should bounce back this year, if they start this season the way they finished the 2nd half of last season. Silver lining of their heartbreaking "28-3" OT loss is that at least they came much closer to a championship the 2nd time around in the Super Bowl than they did in their first (where they got blown out and humiliated by the Broncos in SB XXXIII). Perhaps the 3rd time will be the charm. 😉

  • i have this entire game original uncut version at 6 hours 23 min , without commercials ..and an amazing additional audio selection where i can turn off the commentators off and simply hear the crowd while the game plays on !!!!! size of the file is..145Gb size M2TS …love this game for life!

  • That Field Goal at the end of the first half was really the game winner. Without that, they couldn't have pulled it off!

  • I remember watching it at work it being 28-3 everyone was like it's over I'm like you kidding me they got Brady these ain't over yet

  • 28-3, I shut the TV & went to sleep

    Wake up, turn on TV but I avoided watching any sports segments

    I couldn't take it anymore & decided to hear about the Patriots blowout loss

    Then I hear about Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots!!! 😆 🤣

  • The truth is the new England Patriots paid the referees to call unnecessary flags that's how they won u can tell by Brady's reaction he wasn't that happy he was trying to figure out if they got caught the new England Patriots have done this also to the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Dallas Cowboys it just wasn't a super Bowl……….. Btw we need Michael vick back

  • When I watched the Pats loose the undefeated season I was hurtin!!! This has to be the same. Walk it off Falcon fans. It's all you can do. Trust me, I know.

  • 24:42 – Devonta Freeman 11 yard touchdown run
    34:10 – Matt Ryan throws 27 yard TD pass to Austin Hooper
    47:59 – Robert Alford 82 yard pick six
    56:54 – Stephen Gostkowski 41 yard FG attempt
    1:12:37 – Matt Ryan throws 14 yard TD pass to Tevin Coleman
    1:22:33 – Tom Brady throws 14 yard TD pass to James White
    1:40:01 – Grady Jarrett sacks Tom Brady
    1:40:32 – Stephen Gostkowski 33 yard FG is good
    1:43:26 – Dont'a Hightower stripsacks Matt Ryan, Patriots recover
    1:46:44 – Tom Brady throws 13 yard TD pass to Danny Amendola
    1:47:35 – James White scores on 2 point attempt
    1:54:09 – Trey Flowers sacks Matt Ryan
    2:01:51 – Julian Edelman crazy catch
    2:06:13 – James White 7 yard touchdown run
    2:07:00 – Danny Amendola scores on 2 point conversion that ties game at 28-28
    2:23:42 – James White 9 yard touchdown run caps of 28-3 comeback and wins Superbowl 51 for the Patriots

  • Falcons had this game and just gave the superbowl right to the Patriots. That's exactly what the Falcons did to the Patriots in this superbowl

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