How to Play Unfair in 5 Minutes – The Rules Girl

Learn how to play Unfair, a 1-2 hour set collection game of theme park construction for 2-5 players, in just 5 minutes with The Rules Girl.

Errata – 2:03 – Both open and closed attractions earn money using this action.

In Unfair, players are unscrupulous theme park owners, building the best theme park by any means necessary. The goal of the game is to win, and you win by having the most victory points, typically earned by building amazing attractions, matching your park builds to blueprints, and making obscene amounts of money.

Once you’ve played Unfair a couple times, come back and answer our commenter’s question. If you’re looking for more ultra-concise rules explanations, consider liking this video and subscribing to The Rules Girl.

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  • As someone with ADHD I found the music playing in the background and the little children's voices to be very distracting. It's a nice way to open a video but after 15 seconds or so it is just distracting and leads to sensory overload. Other than that, I enjoyed the video just fine.

  • It took a couple of views but I think I get the gist of what's going on. One thing I found confusing was the placement of the blueprint explanation. It breaks the flow of explaining the park phase.
    Otherwise, you've got a great video that explains most things in a tenth of the time others take to do it.

  • really underrated channel. such great work. thanks for helping me understanding the game. i assume you're playing on tabletop simulator because of secret hitler or rick and morty total rickall?

  • First played this one at GenCon 2016 and backed the subsequent Kickstarter; gotta say, it's hit my table a ton in the past few months. Makes a nice balance between engine-building and backstabbery!
    Oh, and I'm partial to the Gangsters, followed by Pirate and Jungle.

  • I'm thinking about buying this game. Is it good for an experienced board game couple, and is it complicated and hard to teach to others?

  • love your videos! would love to see ones for mission red planet (2nd Ed.), Kingsburg (without expansion) and dead of winter 🙂 keep up the good work!

  • Just found out about the channel and subscribed.

    What do you use to animate your videos?

    The result is fantastic!

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