Goodwill Hunting in Spokane, WA


I visited The Arc of Spokane and one of the local Goodwills in search for games and more.

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  • I still have that lord of the rings game in box from when I was a kid. That's because I played it once and put it back in the box haha

  • This is my town!!! I have lived here my whole life, and I regret to inform you that our thrift stores never have good things to buy! Every time I go to the west side I stop at a thrift store or two, always find some interesting things, here though…

  • Nice! What were you doing in Spokane? You need to check out Jedi Alliance if you get the chance. It's an awesome arcade!

  • Spokane is awesome! I'm Canadian, but Spokane is only a couple hours away drive. If you are into skiing or snowboarding, you gotta check out Red Mountain in Rossland BC. Not tooo far 😉

  • I recommend double eagle pawn in spokane… sometimes when I visit my dad we'll head up there every now and again poke around their videogame selection… found a gently used copy of OutRun 2006 for 1 american dollar! and the last time I went I actually found a Japanese import version of one of the DBZ games so you never know you might find some good stuff there!

  • When I read the title of the video an glanced at the thumbnail I thought it was gonna be a review of like a homebrew Goodwill Hunting game based on the movie 😀

  • Hooray for home turf! Check out the Value Villages the next time you come by. I've had some good luck with those.

  • Always cool to see live hunting footage! Too bad there were only sports games but LOTR looked cool 🙂 I do some gamehunting on my channel feel free to check it out 😉

  • It always sucks to find a stash of games only for them to all be sports titles. The Goodwill in the Olympia/Lacey area where I live actually has the more traditional types of games people look for locked behind a glass counter by the register with the actual systems like 360s and Wiis while everything left over gets put on the shelf. It sucks but on the bright side I did find a PS1 for $10 in the electronic section and a cool NES poster in the decoration section.

  • My every thrift store run. I need to stop grabbing LCD monitors as consolation pickups. I have nowhere to put them, and it's not like I hook up all of my computers simultaneously. It's always (snack) or famine these days.

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