In this video, My homie and I will be ranking all the elements or best bending whatever you would like to call it. In Avatar, a bender’s will. We will be discussing in detail why we rank a specific element in the slot we choose. This is a tier list of avatar a bender’s will.

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  • Thank you guys a lot for 300 subscribers <3 MUCH appreciated, but the grind doesn't stop here lets hit this 350 so hit that like button and subscribe if you haven't done so already!!

  • Water really isn't that good until you get ice trap tbh. The damage is sub par, you have to have good aim or you'll be missing everything, right now as it stands imo the game is not very balanced. Fire and air definitely have it good with their sheer mobility and ability to spam.

  • how is chi not last
    they only good in groups
    if you're a fire bender they can get close at all
    just stay back ez beat chi

  • Tbh my first day playing I was chi and I was clapping maxed air and fire, tbh water was only one giving me a hard time. Reason I think chi might acc be S tier cus they fast and if u dodge a couple shots you can get close q in and spam a combo then just a out dodge couple more and do it again

  • Oh we are gonna have such good traps and defense when metal bending is added someday
    Earthbenders are rlly fun

  • Earth needs faster movement and quicker cooldowns. I think earth advantage is making your own battlefield and using it as offence/defence. Moving around in the arena and making the arena give you the advantage is earthbenders core factor to winning. Almost every fight arena fight i did as earthbender i won. Using walls to get closer, launching pillars to deal heavy damage. Earth is more defence than offence and thats why other benders mostly win. Its as simple as staying close to them so they don't have time to use their only/best option, thats the way to go. So if you are an earthbender the best option right now is giving yourself an advantage by making walls pillars and tightening up the space of the opponent till they barely have space, then when all is done use all your defence as offence.

  • It’s true earth is dookie compared to water. Water kick can block earth and fire moves so gimbal is like for air moves and the water slam if u know when to use it and combo it with ice trap.

  • Hey bro, is it possible for you to do a weapons tier list? Like, rate the stats of each weapon or smth like that. No Warrior sub class tho. Also, as an experienced earthbender, boulder toss, earth skate, earth wall and earth trap are all i need to combo people into oblivion. Most times they never even touch me and I toy with them as I chip away at their hp with my seemingly unlimited amount of boulders and god aim and predicting.

  • I have an earth alt and I also body every earth even though I’m tier 2. Most earth benders are just bad at earth it’s not really the element itself

    Fire is the best nop doubt, they have the best armor and the best dmg, not to mention blue fire and the ozai buff.
    Earth is 2nd, Good armor good overall combat, you have close good(like trap) and you have boulders and earth rise with manipulation for a good fast dmg.
    water is 3rd, not a hard the they arent the best but definitely not the worst with their ice trap.
    air is 4ft, because they have no dmg, and they worth armor.

  • I have max on all of them my tier list I would have to say water chi fire earth air but the bending is a as good as the person using it

  • I have max on all of them my tier list I would have to say water chi fire earth air but the bending is a as good as the person using it

  • I think earth is a tier :/ even tho im fire bender and when sub elements comes out air will be so bad bc sand metal and lava or bloodbening lighting then chi and air will be d

  • In the show that one lady with blood bending said you can pull water out of the air so they could add it

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