Dragan Bender 11 Points/6 Assists/7 Blocks Full Highlights (4/5/2019)

Is this it for Dragan Bender? Are we seeing the last few games of his NBA career before he schlepps back over to Europe, never to return? The Suns, as we should all know by now, declined to pick up the last year of his rookie deal. He’s a free agent after this season, a situation eerily similar to what happened with Mario Hezonja. And we all know how that turned out (he got a triple-double, with assists that were way better than these).

This game might make a difference in whether another team signs him next year. No lie. Can you pass up on a still-young Euro big who is capable of putting up quadruple-doubles? Sure, he didn’t actually get the quadruple-double, which would be the gnarliest thing to ever happen on an NBA basketball court, but it’s as close as people get these days. 11 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 7 blocks. If he had started blocking shots earlier in the game, and been allowed to handle the ball as a PG (like Mario Hezonja tonight), who knows? It could’ve happened.

There’s got to be some team who picks him up, right? He’s been pretty bad in his three years with the Suns, but there’s stuff to like. Stuff like his bigness, and his Euro-ness. You can look at his three-point shooting from last year (but not this year; what happened there?) and imagine him as some sort of multi-talented stretch-five. Kind of like a way, way worse Giannis but from Croatia instead of Greece. I’d take him on the Bucks, actually. Not even lying. Perhaps he just needs a change of scenery away from Phoenix, where there are actual expectations for him.

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  • If he can combine his shooting from last year with his defense and playmaking this year he'll be solid. And "grow a pair", to quote half this comment section.

  • With the way this kids been playing lately and the fact he's only 20-21 yrs old, I hope we can resign him next year he's been solid

  • The main problem with Bender is his testicles haven't dropped. Most games, he plays timid as hell – like he's deathly afraid to screw up in any way. But when he's aggressive and dialed in (exceptionally rare), he's like Dirk Nowitzki around the same age with even better playmaking and defense.

    And that's the damnable shame of it, as Bender profiles to be the perfect running mate at 4 with Ayton. Bender's a much better shooter than he's shown this season (36% from 3 last season – Igor's shown him a shitload of tough love this season and has not gotten one minute he didn't earn), is a smart help defender with great lateral mobility and is one hell of a playmaker from the high post. His skills fit hand-in-glove alongside Ayton.

    My Suns may end up keeping him, as they still own his bird rights, but he's got to get his damn head in the game and quit playing timid.

  • Calling a 20 year old player a bust isn't a good idea. He is underdeveloped, needs to work on his consistensy and confidence. But with that said, he's 7'1" with crazy wing span, can handle the ball well, has very high basketball IQ and you can see he has a soft band (but needs to improve his shots consistency, which means he needs a team that will allow him to shoot more). I believe that in 2 years under the right coach and team that shares the ball (that doesn't have Harden/Booker type of players) he could average 15/10/6. But a lot of things have to fit together for him, which I doubt it will happen because a lot of people labeled him as a bust way to early in my opinion. You can't expect 18-19 players to go crazy from the start, only few did

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