Diabetes is Your Fault.

Let’s talk about self-blame when you have diabetes.
People have very skewed, inaccurate perceptions about what diabetes is, how it is managed, and even just how you get it! And sometimes that can hurt.

And yes, obviously the title is FALSE. 🙂



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[DISCLAIMER: While I am a Registered Nurse, nothing that I post should ever be taken as medical/nursing advice. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about your individual diabetes management and overall health.]

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  • Thanks for the reassurance.
    I've been having some low blood sugars because of the pandemic, yet the thought of seeing people have diabetic complications or go to the hospital for a super low or DKA is enough to get me intense anxiety. According to my glucose tracking app, my estimated A1C is 5.8 which is great! Yet I have this overall fear that one day, no matter what I do I'm going to lose a limb or have kidney failure, or go through something worse in the future. I began to cry even when my blood sugars are in the 150-180 and when they are in the 70's because it's not in my perfect 80-120 range, that too much of those overtime will cause irrepairable damage. I'm not sure if I'm ready for a pump, even after 6 years but I really want to try a CGM first so I can take action sooner.

  • Worst part about type 1 diabetes… Not your fault or in control… Since children have no idea…

    Unlike type 2 diabetes which is totally their fault for older adults that do bad dieting and lack of exercise…

    Ignorant people confusing type 1 for type 2

    As for Type 1 adult onset diabetes…. Dunno… That's a grey area on who to blame

  • Worst part about type 1 diabetes… Not your fault or in control… Since children have no idea…

    Unlike type 2 diabetes

  • They say I am type II but when I took nph and Novolog I finally got under an 7 a1c. Not sure how they check if your type I or type II. Just because I didn't see a doctor much when I was young. I have always craved sugar and don't drink unless I have high blood sugar. More dehydrated. That internal medicine doctor moved and they have tried Manny's different pills,humlin r u 100 and lantus alot of stuff tha would not work. Also put me on humlin R U 500 and trulusty then I yo-yoed from high to lowest 36 on my Glucometer. This endocrinologist now has got me back on metformin which didn't help b4 and Nesina and twiced a day Novolog 15 units. I need to understand more and you have helped so much. I told myself the same things about my diabetes. I am getting a dexcom G6 soon. I am tired of shots. Frustrated I think I would rather have an Insulin pump. I am

  • What do you do when you tell a family member your type 2 diabetic and they start treating you differently in a bad way?

  • thank you ………………………wish you were here in England here and now ignorant is so stiff.

  • I'm so glad I could your channel! You are so amazing and give great advice. I learn something new almost every video. Like this one… I did not know your period could affect your blood sugar… what?! Why has no one mentioned this before….


  • This happens at school all the time. I love watching ur videos they help so much and you inspired me to start my Diabetes channel

  • Thank you – so much. I was diagnosed less than a week ago and I've really been beating myself up. A LOT! Oh – and telling myself "You've done it now – your feet are going to be amputated!" It's been torture and – I really have to knock it off.

  • In school I got teased for months kids would say ohh I never gonna get it because I'm healthy
    Or well why did u eat all that sugar if you didn't you wouldn't have diabetes! So I told my doctor and they sent a nurse to talk to the princable and the class got a lecture!
    lol 😂
    (P.s ilysm!)

  • I have type 1 diabetes, and have had family members ask and say the same things regarding a high or low blood sugar! It's not an easy disease, and those doubters don't make it any better! Loved the video!!

  • A Co-Worker tried to tell me that my T1D was probably due to what my mom ate when she was pregnant with me. 😝 The body is so complex and people want to sound like they know what they are talking about. I think it's fascinating how mysterious the body can be… even if it doesn't work right.

  • I absolutely can relate to everything you have said. It is so exhausting to have to explain to people how eating sugar didn't cause my diabetes. My pancreas failed and I basically live from insulin injection to insulin injection. Four shots a day and really hoping for the pump. Even as I lay in the local ICU, I had visitors telling me that I needed to listen to them because they knew people who had the disease (and passed from complications) they are in their opinions diabetic pros. It really hurts my feelings. I am really happy to have discovered your channel. Thank you so much for everything.

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