Circle Home Plus, Take Control of Your Internet

With more and more screens entering into the home it is getting harder to keep track of exactly what each device is doing. With the Circle Home Plus you gain full control of every device on your Wifi network. Basic features include Filters and device Usage. The Circle Home Plus comes with one year of premium features that allow you to Pause the internet, set BedTime, give Rewards & control Time Limits.

You can also add the circle app to mobile devices outside of the Wifi network so you have full control over the apps used and internet even away from home.

The giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

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  • Brett question about the Circle. I was wondering if there is a way to customize the access denied page that comes up in the browser if someone tried to access a blocked website? Instead of your run of the mill “ACCESS DENIED. See system administrator for details.” Page I wanted to make a funny meme show up.

  • This has ruined my life.. Not only do I have to tolerate the adults and boomers setting high expectations and watch them wreck the planet. They feel the need to restrict my access to my only getaway to harsh reality. But I am getting ahead of myself. I'm just a kid that doesn't understand on how the world works. I already have PTSD and this has ruined my trust with my own parents. I no longer trust adults of this generation. They have completely destroyed my mental health. They have turned things that are normal and make you feel like a freak. If you are a parent and are considering this app for your children. Please instead take some time with your child and teach them on how to stay safe while surfing the web. By the way. This app is working with the government and is applying your children's personal information.. But go ahead and download this app if you believe that control and behavior expectations are more valuable than mental stability.

  • and you wonder why your kids grow to hate you, they won’t trust you and it almost caused me to commit shifter but luckily the ‘amazing’ 😕 circle they found out

  • What's the use of that if my kids knows to install VPN applications to their phones and tabs? Boom everything is there to see opened. Even adult sites. My question is can this Circle disable other devices in the network to not install VPN applications. If not my friend there is no use of this.

  • That harmless looking cube is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
    Edit: Its also illegal its uses ARP Spoofing. It also uploads all your data to the cloud, and if that gets leaked all your information is basically open for anyone. Stupid device.

  • Thanks. Does this device have to be plugged into the router always? The reason why I am asking that the router is in my teen son's room and I really want him to stop playing at night.

  • Phones: covered
    Tablets: Covered
    TVs: covered
    Chromebook: covered
    Windows and MacBook:

    We just fricking shut off the internet for them 24/7

  • Ima buy this before my mom does! LoL! Oh mom your in Facebook? NOPE! Oh your on your chrome cast? LOL NOPE! Oh your trying to set up the box on your phone? NOPE! Oh your saying I’m on my phone too much?
    Ok then I’ll shut your Netflix down! And I’ll disable internet on out cable. We get ondamand! Rip mom

  • No! No no. I get this. But what if I’m updating a game so when I get time to play. And you turn my WiFi off oh great.. I guess I can’t play my game now. What if I am talking to somebody about important stuff?

  • It's weird as soon as I create a teen profile..and when I add devices it Automatically stops the internet to the devices without adding any filters yet…any ideas why?

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