2019 DOA6 Mechanic Breakdown! (Wall Game, Stuns & Moves)

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Dead Or Alive 6 hits stores 2/15/2019!


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  • Appreciate the classic DOA4 footage of me vs Lopedo. Good coverage man, your knowledge stay on point.

  • You're a receding hairline having fat gut virgin trash doa player who cant even police your own life let alone the streets. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You will remain single your whole life pussy lmaoooo

  • Look, I'm an old school player. I started DOA on Dreamcast and skipped the ps2 to go xbox. I skipped ps3 for 360 because of doa4…I love doa. But the thing is that now That I've played Tekken and played Virtua Fighter…DOA isn't fun. I hate the stun system, the counter system is annoying too. I need to play this to see if it can change my mind but I'm not impressed by what I'm seeing.

  • Thanks for putting this together. I got my note book out and feel like i am grinding the game already. Cant wait to see more of the game!

  • Lol they are just taking ideas from tekken. Diego is king fighting style just look. Sorry everyone this game will flop in a few mouths. It’s sad cuz I’m big fan of dis series.

  • I hope the online connection will be good! I'm from Europe and I so want to fight people like you Zakkurye and people from the US! Not only playing with people in EU that have 4-5 bars connection. Can't wait for this game, I haven't pre-ordered yet but will buy ultimatite digital edition at the end of January when payment! =)

  • It said on the PlayStation store on the ps4 that doa 6 is supposed to come out in December 31, 2019 is that true

  • I'm super hype i pre ordered the game already on dec 28th of last year 🥰 and amazing breakdown video as always i learned a lot

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